How did the Festival of Aesthetics Alphabet of Beauty come into existence?

After cooperating successfully for many years with the renowned cosmetics fair trade the Touch of Paris, we have decided to develop the concept of a festival and congress in Zagreb. Our goal is to present the best brands, lecturers from Croatia, Europe and the region and to bring the concepts of beauty and wellness closer to the wider public. The Festival will take place during Advent in Zagreb so that we can drawnon-residents of Zagreb and Croatia to Zagreb, and especially to the festival and congress of cosmetics.


Foto: T-studiophotography, Pixabay


Ljetni broj magazina Abeceda ljepote

Ljetni broj magazina Abeceda ljepote donosi niz zanimljivih tekstova o tome kako pripremiti svoje salone za jesen, koji su trendovi kozmetike, zašto je dobro koristiti marketing