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If you want to showcase your work on a model, or present new models of hair cutting, dying… or something else you excel at, send us an enquiry!


13. srpnja 2018.

What to expect at the Festival this year?

This year we have decided to presentourselves under the name The Alphabet of Beauty on 1thand 2nd December at the City Plaza Event Centre. The exhibition […]
13. srpnja 2018.

How did the Festival of Aesthetics Alphabet of Beauty come into existence?

After cooperating successfully for many years with the renowned cosmetics fair trade the Touch of Paris, we have decided to develop the concept of a festival […]
13. srpnja 2018.

What was it like last year?

On 9th and 10th December 2017 we organized the first Festival in the City Plaza Event Centrein Zagreb in collaboration with the Touch of Paris, Belgrade, […]