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for face and body care

Our goal is to deliver a range of products and servicesat the Festival of Aesthetics which will meet the expectations even of the most demanding visitors. We focus our attention on professional products and services, we are going toshowcase the world’s best face and body care lines.
Professionals, attend the lectures held at the Festival, acquire a greater knowledge and draw more customers into your salons by applying those new insights. However, if you would like to buy cosmetic products for yourself, but don’t know what to choose, you’ll have a chance to ask experts for their adviceand choose only the best for thehealth and beauty of your skin.
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Make up

How to best matchyour make-up to your outfit, your eyes or the occasion? How many times have you got stuck on this subject?
At the Festival make-up artists will demonstrate their work,there will be promotional events of both day and festive make-up. You will be able to get some advice and make-up for free, and the special theme will be “Make-up on New Year’s Eve”.
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Hair Care

“Only healthy hair is beautiful hair“. Make use of theexperts’ knowledge showcased at the Festival and learn from the best what the haircut trendsare, discover why home care lines are also necessary in the best salons.
Find out how to choose the ideal hair colour for yourself, how to take care of your hair.

Look into the latest trends in the world of beauty and health, be a part of the Alphabet of Beauty!

You’re a professional – you have tried to advertise your brand in many waysand haven’t found the right way? Showcase yourself in a different way. Use our Atelier and create your image.

You’re a visitor –the Festival of Aesthetics should be a must-see place to visit at the end of the year. Don’t miss numerous experts gathered in one place, their tips for a beautiful and healthy look. Make also use of the Festival’s discounts for holiday shopping.